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PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on October 23, 2015, 06:58:19 PM »
Antoniella is startled to hear a voice inside her head. "Wait, dont leave, I have a proposition for you."

What, Who is this? 

I am Fuma Hanzo, the voice tells her, I am using our telepath Erma Empath to contact you.  I admire your resourcefulness and I would like to hire you.  I promise I will pay you double your current rate, and my people are well taken care of... and besides that, I think you are cute and would like to take you to dinner instead of my personal staff taking care of this problem.  Seems like it would be a waste on both our sides if you dont at least sit down and listen to what I have to offer.

Antoniella pauses to consider his offer... 'let me think about it," she thinks really hard at "him?"

Ill give you 1o minutes he tells her.  I will tell my people to leave you alone for that amount of time.

Antoniella desides to go to dinner with him and hear what he has to say.
PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on June 08, 2015, 08:50:57 PM »
ZombieX leads Manko by the shoulder as they follow Tito down the hall.  He leads them up the stairs to his room which looks out over the city. 

You have a ton of glass... ZombieX looks concerned as she leads Manko toward the seating area. 

Its bullet proof one way says Tito as he wrinkles his brow.   What is involved in this?

ZombieX pours Manko a glass of red wine to take the edge off.  She pours a gatorade for herself and Tito.  Im just here to keep you both alive.  Manko gets carried away when she is excited or hungry, this may become both.  Hanzo does not currently have any prisoners to feed her.    Treat her like a hungry cat with big claws and fangs.. .You will be fine.

Manko chugs her glass and pours another as Tito takes his shirt off...  Hate to ruin a good shirt...   Tito slowly puts his elbow under her nose as an offering.    She rubs her face down it and closes her eyes.

Suddenly she strikes and fastens her teeth around his skin.   ZombieX hurries over and lays Manko on her back so that Tito can straddle her.  ZombieX grabs Manko's other arm and holds it away from Tito. 

Ive never been bitten by a succubus before, but its entirely pleasurable given this kind of circumstances...  Tito is grinning with excitement as Manko snarls.  Her eyes are glowing. 

Just dont get your face too close, ZombieX tells him, Ive seen a few of her feeds... Hanzo said to keep you fight-ready Tito.  You have to keep control and no um... flirtation this evening.  Something is not quite right with the alarm and he wants us all ready.

By now Manko is energized and snarling.    Just a bit longer Tito, let me see if she is still in there...

Manko struggles to come back to herself as Zombie sings a soft song to her.    She closes her eyes again and shudders.  Im ok she says as every alarm in the building seems to be going off at the same time.   

The three of them look at each other and start running to where they last left Hanzo.
PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on June 08, 2015, 08:22:49 PM »
Hanzo notices a troubled look on Manko's face at dinner.  She is pale.  She stares into the distance as if there is music no one else can hear. 

Whats going on?  .. he whispers toward her...

The steak is not enough tonight... Ive not fed my demon in a few days...

Does it require death?

No but it will if I wait much longer...

Hanzo stands up at the table and clears his throat.   I have a task if anyone would like to volunteer...

Captain Tito stands up... Im bored...

Manko leans her head back to give a low laugh...

Ok Tito, you may wish you had not.. and Ill send ZombieX with you for safety.  Oh, and use Tito's room, they are still cleaning mine.

PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on April 04, 2015, 05:45:09 PM »
The building shakes as if thunder is nearby.  The building shakes again and all lights go out except the candles at dinner.  Its not storming she hears Nater say under his breath.  Its coming from the basement. 

Everyone in the room stands up and runs toward the stairs.  The building shakes again.  They enter the basement training room just in time to see IMG shatter a large boulder with his foot.  Well, I guess we found what was causing the earthquakes... Hanzo laughs and calls his engineer to create a training room that wont have such an effect on the rest of the building.
PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on March 07, 2015, 06:59:52 PM »
Erma had a vision, Crossbones has been sent back to Lusty at EVO headquarters.  I have invited some friends from Fear as security.  As Manko wakes up, Hanzo is filling her in on the latest events.  Barely out of the corner of her eye she sees L3gacy lurking in the darkness of Hanzo's room.   Hanzo notices her interest and informs her that L3gacy will now be her partner while guarding him. 

Is he ok... with uh... my unique habits?   Hanzo laughs and informs her that L3gacy used to date ZombieXGirlfriend... he should be fine with whatever he sees...

L3gacy allows himself a gigantic laugh and backs further into the shadows.

Hey Hanzo, did Tito come with them?  He is a favorite of mine?

Yes Manko, he should be here next week, and no you cant have him, we need him to fight.
PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on March 07, 2015, 01:35:05 PM »
On a note that you will enjoy, we have discovered a traitor that revealed himself in a fit of rage at a card game last night.  Take KZAZ and question him.  I dont care if you get any info from him or not.  I want to make an example of him to the Yoyodine Star Alliance. 

Manko grins as she walks to KZAZ's room to collect him.  She has been wanting to share one of her torture sessions with him to see how he responds to blood.   He grins as she tells him that they get to question the traitor.  Can I bring my favorite knife?   But I have to lick the cake icing off first.   Manko asks if she can help and is presented with the knife which she helps clean.

They open the door to the basement and are greeted by Nater who has been holding Evilfallio.   Manko is shocked that one of her favorite dinner companions is the traitor.  Your knife KZAZ, she holds out her hand. 

You would betray us Fallio?  She slashes his face down each cheek and licks the blood while looking in his eyes.   It drips down the duct tape before she can make it to the other side of his face.   

She hands the knife back to KZAZ.  We need to make this look painful and deliver the body back to Yoyodine.  KZAZ has painted his face to look like a clown.   Manko braids his hair to keep it out of the mess and they get to work.   

Manko slurps the last of his life as KZAZ pulls his knife from Fallio's heart.  He holds the blade for Manko to lick it clean. 

They walk to Hanzo's rooms where Manko tells him, "It is done"  and collapses to the floor.   Hanzo pulls her bloody clothing off, lays her on his bed, and pulls a blanket over her so she can sleep in bliss...

PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on March 07, 2015, 01:14:31 PM »
Hanzo pulls Manko into his office...  We have someone coming to our team that I have sent the servants to prepare Lynns rooms.  Her name is Erma and she is a pre-cog.   She will need quiet time to meditate.   You will like her friend Golinari and she will bring a few more teammates.    The Yoyodine Star Alliance has killed some of her sisters and she will be a great asset in our war with them.  As you will remember, Star was bought by the evil Bahut and she will stop at nothing to kill anyone, on her team or any other, that she feels is a threat. 

I will make her feel at home, Manko tells him. 
PVP / Re: Villians Inc...
« Last post by YARDBIRD on March 07, 2015, 12:25:09 PM »
*** Fast forward a month in the future***
Sammach has wondered back to the EVO cave for a much needed Vacation...    Suzi has wondered off for a nice cruise... Lynn is off doing scientific research....  All has been quiet. 
Teams / Villains Inc. is Now Recruiting for All Teams...
« Last post by Despaira on January 13, 2015, 06:05:34 PM »
For a limited time one of the best teams in HZ is recruiting for their flagship group. Villains Inc. now has only 2 spots open for well built members who are 200+ levels. These spots will fill fast so don't miss your opportunity to be apart of something great.

If you are not 200+ and still want to join the greatest team in HZ there are available spots on all our teams for well built and motivated daily players. Respond to this post or contact us directly to find out more.

"There is a great amount of darkness in this world and when you can find no security in the light the only way to be safe from nightfall is to become apart of the darkness."
General Discussion / Re: Your opinions?
« Last post by BlackFire on December 30, 2014, 05:20:08 AM »
I like the general layout, and the logo on the third post is better than the previous VH one :)
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