Author Topic: Suggestions for when you are thinking of upgrading your pet  (Read 617 times)

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Suggestions for when you are thinking of upgrading your pet
« on: August 16, 2014, 01:16:48 PM »
If you want to upgrade your pet but not sure if the new pet is a good one or not, here's what I do.

1) Number of stats boosted, the more the better, optimally 4. Ideally the stats should be the groupings you prefer (Str/Bra, Sta/Int, Sta/Bra/Int, etc) Pets cannot be put into the washing machine to change their stats.

2) Check out the abilities of your pet candidate to see they are something you want to have. They can only be changed by teaching your pet an active skill owned by another pet you have. That other pet goes bye-bye and the pet you trained is reset back to level 1.

See this link for a list of pet skills:,25.0.html

2) Take the total bonus. Normally the new pet candidate is at a minus compared to your current pet because the new pet is at level 1. Take that total and divide by average total pts your current toon gets per level. If you are under level 100 and/or the pet has only 3 or less stats boost, this should be 5, 100-125 about 6, etc. The # of pts your pet gets is based on your toon's level. The resulting number is the # of levels on average it will take for your pet candidate to get to your current pet's stats. And bear in mind that your new pet will not have your old pet's abilities during that time, unless you decide to teach your new pet the old pet's skills and put the old pet out to pasture.

Feel free to add or correct, above come from my own experiences.
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