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Re: Villians Inc...
« Reply #45 on: October 23, 2015, 06:58:19 PM »
Antoniella is startled to hear a voice inside her head. "Wait, dont leave, I have a proposition for you."

What, Who is this? 

I am Fuma Hanzo, the voice tells her, I am using our telepath Erma Empath to contact you.  I admire your resourcefulness and I would like to hire you.  I promise I will pay you double your current rate, and my people are well taken care of... and besides that, I think you are cute and would like to take you to dinner instead of my personal staff taking care of this problem.  Seems like it would be a waste on both our sides if you dont at least sit down and listen to what I have to offer.

Antoniella pauses to consider his offer... 'let me think about it," she thinks really hard at "him?"

Ill give you 1o minutes he tells her.  I will tell my people to leave you alone for that amount of time.

Antoniella desides to go to dinner with him and hear what he has to say.