Author Topic: revised hero backstory, conceptions, whatever.  (Read 744 times)

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revised hero backstory, conceptions, whatever.
« on: August 09, 2014, 11:11:12 PM »
some of us have changed names in the new universe.  power levels and rules have changed.  some of us are no longer blue.  if you want to tell your story do it here

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Re: revised hero backstory, conceptions, whatever.
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2014, 11:12:49 PM »
Six months ago.
In small town Pennsylvania.
It was a dark and stormy night.
No actually it was a clear and bright night, a full moon. It was kind of cold out, but that didn't explain the blue skin on one of the men on the porch.
“well this is it, the night the world ends”
“yup, the wave is coming, you can see it over there, that grey spot that is growing” actually it was about four times larger then the moon, but not very luminous, and it WAS growing, and the rate of growth was getting larger.
“Dad, do you want another beer?” BD holds up a brown bottle as a question.
'Yup, I don't think it matters much if it messes with my heart pills tonight, do you?”
“probably not.” and the blue dude hands his dad (who isn't blue) a beer, and then pours one in a bowl for his dog as well.
“it is moving faster, growing faster now isn't it”
“looks like”
a little while later
“Wyv, come on out, I think it is about to eat the moon” My girlfriend is hiding in the house, our rings would protect her from the cold, but she still has a thing about snow.
Some things you need to know about the Green and the Blue. My change was self inflicted. A lab accident with a prototype teleportation unit. I had powers before, it just gave me blue skin. That is when I decided to give up on the secret id thing and go public. Wyvern, she was a girl who got changed by a military black opps test gone way wrong. Lots of people died. They mutated till their systems shut down. One example, a kid that could turn into water and back, eventually he lost the ability to turn back. Wyvern grew wings, scales and went lizard like. Fortunately her mutation stopped before it killed her. She did have a rough time with it though. Big honking wings, talons, scales, that kind of thing is rough on a person. Especially if your family takes it wrong. We met in SHC years ago, I thought she was cute, invited her to an Olympics viewing party we were having at work. We ended up joining the same league within a week. About a month later I asked our league leadership Col Power and Thinking Dummy Downleft if there were any rules about team mates dating. That is when I found out one of my team mates (Psychoman) was married to the sometimes villain Insomniac so it should be no problems.
A week later I got an email from Insomniac saying if I hurt her she would rip my lungs out. Who knew they were friends?
When I brought her home to meet the fam that first thanksgiving she loved Dad, she hated the snow. Go figure.
Flash forwards to tonight, the end of the world. I wanted to be with my Dad, Wyv came up from Texas, and here we are, drinking beer, hand in talon, getting drunk listening to Christmas music.
Good by world, it was nice knowing you.
Last Month.
I woke up in town, on a park bench.
My skin is not blue any more (wha?)
I am a blond (wha?)
No idea how this happened at all.
My powers are maybe a tenth of what they used to be, if that.
I checked out Dad's farm, nothing, the house is different, a different family lives there.
There is no Burning Daylight Labs ™
Legion of Superheroes? Nope, rings either. I don't think Col Power has invented them, hell I can't find any record of a Col Power. No Thinking Dummy Downleft or Tri-Blade either. There is an X themed guy, but he isn't the same as the X I used to know.
I did find Laran online, she looks a lot like what I think she would have if she hadn't grown wings and scales. She is a teacher in Texas.
I found Lab Guy online also, he still teaches Chemistry and Physics at the college I remember meeting him at in the other world.
The biggest change? No Bugs, the Zygs haven't invaded.
Hell to the best of my knowledge this world hasn't had first contact yet, at least not publicly. That is really cool.
Like I said my powers are maybe a tenth of what they were before. And I don't have my big hammer. I get no feeling at all from it. I used to be in a symbiotic relationship with it, missing it is like missing an arm or a leg would be. Only different in a hammery kind of way. That probably explains most of my missing powers, one of the things it did was amplify what you were good at.
I have found a few of the folks I used to know online, and have joined up with the Hawaiian Warrior crew. There are other groups of “ex-pats” that are forming up, just today I found out that the Turbos are forming up, or at least some of them are. Good for them.
I have been spending most of my time training, studying online courses, and fighting crime at night. You can make an ok living off of pawning guns that the thugs drop. Enough to keep me in freezer pizzas, happy apples and books.
A baseball bat might not be as cool as a magic war hammer, but for now it will do, and it matches my fighting style (or lack there of as X and TriBlade used to say).
I might not be what I was, but I am training hard, if Warlord Quasar shows his ugly ass I will be ready for him and his minions.
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Re: revised hero backstory, conceptions, whatever.
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I'm Fuma Hanzo.

'Nuff said.