Author Topic: Bondage tape, is it really reusable?  (Read 1273 times)

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Bondage tape, is it really reusable?
« on: July 25, 2014, 04:40:28 PM »
Oh sure, in theory it seems like a way to keep your carbon footprint low and minimize bruising/rope burns all at the same time.  But have you ever tried rolling it back up when youre done? 
For starters, if your victim/wife/random homeless person trying to pay for a meal/etc struggles at all when you restrain them, it stretches out a bit.  They don't have to have any more strength than your average toddler to do this either.
 Really, the heaviest thing my woman can lift is a bottle of merlot, on which she then uses an automatic cork screw because the manual ones "cramp her wrist".  I sometimes worry that Ill come home only to find her trapped under one of the throw pillows, suffocating because she cant be bothered to get it off of her.  If she can stretch it out, anyone can, and will.  Especially if you introduce a little "shock" to the situation......or her anus...or a combination of both.
Of course, its designed to give a bit, that's the beauty of it- you can decrease the amount of "give" by using more and more tape around the appendage or body part, but this gets tedious and its impossible to remember how many times the rabbit goes under the tree and through the bush when youre trying to get your freak on in a hurry (even more so if your subject isn't willing).
Then theres the awkward moment you break it the second time out after somehow managing to wind it back up from the first time.......and someone asks you if you cleaned since the initial use......which, you did not, because you have more important things to do than wash 3o feet of sticky tape.

So, in summary, I move that all bondage tape immediately stop using the term reusable in its advertising.   


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Re: Bondage tape, is it really reusable?
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 07:43:53 PM »
Im thinking its re-use is based on how much hair it grabs... hairy tape, no re-use... nice exfoliated skin and no hair... the options open back up...